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FAFSA研讨会              Summer 金融援助          Update on 24-25 FA Awards

应用ing for 金融援助 2024-25


  • 完成你的 2024 - 25 FAFSA
  • 学生 may check their FAFSA status by logging into their FAFSA, navigating to the “My Activity” area, then viewing their application status.
    • 草案: Your section of the FAFSA form is incomplete.
    • 进展: You provided your consent, approval, and signature to your section of the FAFSA form, but the FAFSA form has not been submitted yet.
    • 在回顾: You have submitted your form and your application is still processing.
    • 处理: Your application was processed successfully. No further action is needed.
    • 行动要求: Your application requires further action from you or your contributor(s). 
  • Due to ongoing delays in the FAFSA simplification process, we expect all financial aid awards to be processed beginning in 2024年6月 



Available Types of 援助

The 社区学院 罗德岛州 offers financial assistance to students who might otherwise be unable to further their education without such support. 根据 on the type of aid, eligibility is based on one or more of the following criteria: financial need of the individual (in the case of dependent students, family need is used), educational costs, academic program and availability of funds.

金融援助 Deadlines

FAFSA applications are available beginning 12月31日 for the following academic year. The financial aid office encourages our students 将 FAFSA application as early as possible to increase their potential to receive the maximum aid available from each of the financial aid programs.

FAFSA Filing Workshops

T在这里 are many convenient options available if you need assistance with FAFSA completion.
  1. The 金融援助 office is hosting virtual FAFSA研讨会 to assist students and families in completing their FAFSA. 
  2. The Educational Opportunity Center provides free, confidential one-on-one assistance via phone or virtual face-to-face appointments daily from 8AM to 8PM. 双语辅导员 are available in: Spanish, French, and Kriolu (Cape Verdean). 点击 请求任命给我们发短信401.310.请打401给我们.455.6028或电邮至 (电子邮件保护). We will respond within one business day.
  3. For additional convenience, schedule a free 电话预约 with the College Planning Center for one on one assistance. Early evening appointments available weekdays until 7pm.


Have questions about financial aid at the 社区学院 罗德岛州? 学习 about financial aid through these short videos.


A federal work program that provides jobs to help pay for educational expenses. 这 program encourages community service and work related to the student's course of study. 学生 will be paid at least the state minimum wage and can work up to 15 hours 每周.

Rhode Island Indian Council

The Rhode Island Indian Council (RIIC) has obligated funds to 太阳城 for eligible and tribally enrolled Native Americans. For more eligibility information please click 在这里.