报告的形式  政策  第九条协调员  服务及资源  定义

“在美国,任何人不得因性别而被排除在外 在任何教育中被剥夺利益或受到歧视 program or activity receiving federal financial assistance." ——1972年教育修正案第九条

Many of us know about 第九条 as "the law that made school sports more equitable 对女孩和女人来说.“然而,还有很多事情要做.

性骚扰,包括强奸、性暴力等性暴力行为 and sexual coercion, is a form of gender-based discrimination prohibited by Title IX. It creates a hostile environment that has no place on our campus. 这是 我们把 非常 seriously as we work to keep you safe and to respond effectively and immediately 当你遇到麻烦的时候.



This policy expands the definitions of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and retaliation, as well as describing the procedures for each 情况. In all cases, harassment undermines the College's commitments to excellence and to respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals. 太阳城的骚扰预防 policies applies to harassment committed by employees, students, and third parties (such as vendors, contractors, and visitors to campus); 太阳城’s 性暴力 and 骚扰 Policy applies to sexual misconduct committed by students; 您可以找到有关该政策及其投诉处理程序的信息 在这里.


本政策及投诉程序适用于下列情况下可能产生的投诉: 并
旨在与程序和实质性规定保持一致和遵守 of
适用的州和联邦法律法规; 您可以找到有关该政策及其投诉处理程序的信息 在这里.


Our campus 第九条协调员 is available to you and responsible for: 

  1. Overseeing all 第九条 complaints and investigations to provide prompt, fair and 公平的决议
  2. Identifying and addressing any patterns or systemic problems that arise
  3. Being available to meet with students, provide support and answer questions
  4. Working with other college or university officials
  5. Coordinating training, education and communication pertaining to 第九条
  6. Not having other job responsibilities that may create a 冲突 of interest
  7. 随时协助学校执法人员如何应对 适当地报道性暴力
  8. Ensuring that our institution carries out its 第九条 responsibilities
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卡拉DiPaola 副主任 第九条协调员 沃里克 (电子邮件保护) 401-825-1126



太阳城政府希望尽我们所能帮助性侵受害者. 以下是为性侵犯受害者提供的一些校内服务和资源, 歧视和/或暴力.


双方均可获得合理的措施、协助、住宿和资源 投诉人和被告. A complainant may request accommodations and resources 不管学校或执法部门是否决定进行调查. 如果任何一方提出要求,太阳城将作出调整并提供保护措施 them and the accommodations are reasonably available. 我们鼓励各方寻求 最能支持他们的住宿.

  • 共同支持措施
    • 学术: 学生 finding their academic progress affected by an incident or allegation can 向第九条协调员或学生主任请求协助,他们将帮助安排 合适的场所. These can include incompletes, class changes, additional 工作时间,以及其他学术住宿.
    • 禁止接触指示: 我们将在适当的时候发布禁止联系指令,包括但不限于: when it is necessary to minimize interactions between the parties or preserve the 双方和其他社区成员的安全.
    • 金融援助如果您对学生经济援助相关问题有疑问或担忧,请 太阳城联系的 财政援助办公室: (电子邮件保护) or 401- 825-2468.
    • 签证及移民协助如果你对自己的经历和需求如何结合有疑问或担忧 with your visa and/or immigration status, please 太阳城联系的 财政援助办公室 ((电子邮件保护) or 401-825-2468) and/or the immigration resources available in 本小册子的法律资源部分.
    • 学生残疾服务: DSS coordinators and support staff are available on each of 太阳城’s four campuses 与有残疾的学生会面,并提供必要和合理的便利 学生需要成功. WWW . 401-825-2164.thomasanlavine.com/dss/contacts.html

其他措施:其他安排,如工作住宿或交通 options can be made on a case-by-case basis to provide students and employees with additional distance from the other party or to address other needs related to the 经验,比如出庭. 我们鼓励你分享你的需求 with the 第九条协调员 so that we can work with you to address them.


查看 第九条手册 for a complete listing of community/external resources offered in Rhode Island.



定义为不受欢迎的性挑逗,性要求,以及任何其他言语, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when

  • 服从是使这种行为明示或暗示成为一种条款或条件 指个人的教育、就业或参加计划或活动 在适用实体;
  • Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for 影响个人教育、就业或参与项目的决定 or activities a the Covered Entity; or
  • 这种行为是如此严重或普遍,以至于具有不合理的目的或效果 干扰个人的教育、就业或参与项目 或在承保实体内进行的活动,及/或制造恐吓、敌对、攻击 or abusive employment, academic, extracurricular or living or learning environment 适用于承保实体的个人.


是性骚扰的一种形式,指的是:身体性行为的侵害 一个人的意志,或者一个人由于受害人的意志而无法给予同意 使用毒品或酒精. An individual also may be unable to give consent due to an 智力或其他残疾. 许多不同的行为都属于这一类 性暴力,包括强奸、性侵犯、性殴打等形式 性胁迫.


符合下列强奸、抚摸、乱伦或 statutory rape used in the FBI's Uniform Crime reporting Program.

  • 爱抚,为了性满足而触摸另一个人的私处; 未经受害人同意,包括受害人无行为能力的情况 因为他/她的年龄或因为他/她的临时或永久同意 心理缺陷.
  • 乱伦,在学位范围内有亲属关系的人之间的性交 其中婚姻为法律所禁止. 
  • 强奸,The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part of object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent 受害者的尸体.
  • 法定强奸罪, Sexual intercourse with a person who is under the statutory age of consent.


处于或曾经处于浪漫的社会关系中的人所犯下的暴力行为 或者与受害者有亲密关系. 约会暴力包括但不限于, sexual or physical abuse or the threat of such abuse.


A felony or misdemeanor crime of violence committed:

  • By a current or former spouse or intimate partner 受害者的尸体;
  • By a person with who the victim shares a child in common;
  • 与受害人同居或者曾经作为配偶同居的人 或亲密伴侣;
  • 由在家庭或家庭中与受害者的配偶地位相似的人 violence laws of jurisdiction in which the crime 暴力事件的发生, or
  • 任何其他人对受保护的成人或青少年受害者的伤害 犯罪所在司法管辖区的家庭或家庭暴力法规定的行为 暴力事件的发生. 


从事针对某一特定的人的行为会导致合理的 人要为自己的安全或他人的安全而担心或遭受实质性的损失 情绪困扰.

  • 行为准则 means two or more acts, including, but not limited to, acts in which the stalker directly, indirectly, or through third parities, by any action, method, device, or 手段,包括社交媒体,跟踪,监视,观察,监视,威胁,或 communicates to or about a person, or interferes with a person's property.
  • 合理的人 means a reasonable person under similar circumstances and with similar identities 致受害者.
  • 严重的情绪困扰 意味着重大的精神痛苦或痛苦,可能,但不一定需要 medical or other professional treatment or counseling.


Any willful attempt to inflict injury upon another when coupled with the apparent 这样做的能力. Actual 触碰, striking, or doing bodily harm to another is not required; the mere attempt constitutes an assault.


The intentional and wrongful physical contact with a person without that person's 同意,或未经法律授权而这样做,会带来一些伤害或冒犯 触碰. The willful attempt to use force to touch another is an assault; the actual 触摸是电池


在就业部门,歧视是指对雇员采取不利行动 based on that employee's age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, national 出身或残疾.


Verbal statements or physical acts, which, while neither an assault nor a battery, nevertheless are likely to create tension or hostility, and t在这里fore, may lead to 冲突. 


暴力威胁是任何侵略行为或声明,客观上可以 be perceived as intent to cause harm to an employee. 威胁行为包括 任何行为都可能被一个理性的人解释为故意造成身体伤害 对他人的伤害. 威胁 behavior may, or may not, include the actual act of physical force, with or without a weapon, toward another individual. 威胁 行为可以是言语的,也可以是非言语的.